True Happiness

Generally, I don’t post verbatim what another post has said. So much uncredited “ripping” from other blogs that goes on…

This came from “A Flat With A View,” a blog that I follow daily. This article was so wonderful, powerful and true, that I asked if I could post it in it’s entirety. I have created a link to the original post, so you can leave comments there if you would like.

I hardly share my feelings with people not even my close friends. I feel that every one has their own daily “crosses to bear” and it not fair for me to burden them with my sobbing stories and feelings. Besides, I try as hard as I could not to fall into the tempting traps of whining and self-pity because they are toxic and emotional draining.

Yet, once in awhile, my mutual friends somehow sense my emotions (without me telling them) and shower me with random acts of kindness. Naturally, I am deeply touched by their generous gestures.

For example, I was feeling a little low last night and suddenly a friend sent me a text to offer me some words of encouragement. The text message is about true happiness and after reading it, I felt propped up. I just want to share it here and hope it will prop you all up as well:-

Happiness is not something
That someone else,
Like a lover can give us.
We have to achieve it ourselves.
And the only way to do is
By developing our character and capacity as human beings
By fully maximizing our potential.
If we sacrifice our growth and talent for love,
We absolutely will not find happiness.
True happiness is obtained through fully realising our potential.

link to original post

(and let me add:)
As we reach within ourselves, we will find what truly makes us happy and content. As we reach within ourselves, we will find the capacity to reach out to others, and in the process help them to reach what they can be.

1 thought on “True Happiness

  1. hello,nice to hear from you…no i do not mind if you want to publish the quote in your blog…so please go ahead and publish it…i decided to share this quote because i found it uplifting and meaningful…that’s why i put it in my blog in the first place…you have a great day…regards,”nodrin king”

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