For The Early Evening ~

When I started sharing, one of the postings that I wanted to stay away from were video postings that didn’t seem to fit with me. Yes, I watch videos on YouTube, Dailymotion and a couple of others since I use them in Sunday Meditation. Nothing seemed to really stand by itself.

A few days ago in very active forum that I’m a member of, a member re-posted a video that stands out as amazing.

The performer is Jerome Murat – a living statue performer of some note. This clip takes a little patience to watch and appreciate. It’s not only brilliant technique, but has something to say. It does not involve violence, sex or computers. It’s from France, and you might say it could only be from France (it seems to be a sort of articulated mime routine; and it is existential, but of course) but it is not obnoxious. It is something completely different.

The start of the video is in French as he seems to be winning some kind of award. After just a few moments, his performance starts.

He can be “booked” for events …. from this company and this is their page with yet another picture of him.

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