Early Morning Thoughts ~ Amore and such

First was an e-mail from a friend asking come pretty pointed questions. This was followed by a “Hope this isn’t a bad time” phone call. This is a friend of mine that has known me for a number of years…through the good times and the bad times. One of the reasons I enjoy this person is their continual journey toward living in truth. One of the topics we talked about was “love.” Not the “do you believe in love at first sight, or shall I walk by again” kind of love, but the one that becomes part of the “fire in the bones” and where the person is “in your nostrils.” However:

Every love affair has it’s lifetime . . . that as long as it has a start it has a finish. Some relationships last to the end of partners lifetime, some die soon after they started.

As we all know, not all loves work out as we want them to. Having had two long term relationships not work out as I intended, I’ve had a lot about them to have to deal with. And I would love to report that “moving on” was no difficulty what-so-ever. As I talk to people, and read other blogs I am struck by how many of us are dealing with what was, and trying to look into what will be. This mix gets stirred up by with what is. And “there be truth.”

I Loved You

I loved you; even now I may confess,
Some embers of my love their fire retain;
But do not let it cause you more distress,
I do not want to sadden you again.
Hopeless and tongue tied, yet I loved you dearly
With pangs the jealous and the timid know;
So tenderly I loved you, so sincerely,
I pray God grant another love you so.
Alexander Pushkin

As I said, having had two long term relationship not work out, I had begun to take the blame upon myself, and only on myself. My life had become filled with “what if” and “what about” or “if only.” As I had said before, the well had run dry, and the “child inside was crying, and I didn’t know how to comfort him.”


I’ve watched in the azure the eagle’s proud wing,
His soaring majestic, and feather-
some fling–
Careening in liberty higher and higher–
Like genius unfolding a quenchless desire.

Would a tear dim his eye, or pinion lose power
To gaze on the lark in her emerald bower?
When higher he soareth to compass his rest,
What vision so bright as the dream in his breast!

God’s eye is upon him. He penciled his path
Whose omniscient notice the frail fledgling hath.
Though lightnings be lurid and earthquakes may shock,
He rides on the whirlwind or rests on the rock.

My course, like the eagle’s, oh, still be it high,
Celestial the breezes that waft o’er its sky!
God’s eye is upon me–I am not alone
When onward and upward and heavenward borne.
Mary Baker Eddy

But still in very many cases lost love isn’t anyone’s fault. It is just the way things go. We should never stop believing that next time the feeling will be real and will finally last to the very end. We have no limit of times that we can fall in love and so although it’s sad to lose love, each time we do we should try to look at it as on the chance to find a new better one.

more to come on tonight’s thoughts
“Come along with me – the best is yet to be!”

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