Happy Birthday To Me ~ Early Morning Thoughts

Today is my birthday. Not my blogs birthday, not an anniversary, but my actual birthday. I have been determined that it would not bother me – that it would be just another number, and it actually is OK. Birthdays didn’t used to be all that great…but much has changed in me since then. I’ve heard personally from a couple of people I delight in knowing…I’m planning to take D&D out to dinner either tonight or tomorrow (that way I can pick where we’re going!) It, of course, would be nice to have someone “attached” to share this day with – but that would mean I would have to move the books and magazines off his side of the bed. Besides, I want to make sure that it’s the right one – not just “a” one. Some time ago I was “dating” via email someone from London (it was fun and interesting…ask and I’ll explain it). He made a statement that has stayed with me: “I’m not looking for someone to go out with, I’m looking for someone to come home to.”

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