It’s about time ~ Early Evening Thoughts

It’s about time that I climbed out of my writer’s slumber, my ~ whatever it’s called and get back to writing here.

For those whom I know from the blog, I apologize for the delay. Just know, that life actually has gotten quite nice and ~ being me ~ not without it’s humorous adventure side.

Starting tomorrow I’m back in the saddle and ready to continue blabbing sharing what’s been happening and what is going on…

First up, I’m going to finish the story of what brought me to this point and I’ve also got a new collection of Elegant Timewasters …

warm valley ā€”
countless geese
seeking refuge

moonrise ā€”
the dark night of a soul

Biting off
more than I can chew ā€”
a broken wisdom tooth.

chanting canyon streams

Opening bell
echoes from the canyon walls —
raindrops on the river.

The sounds of rocks bouncing off rocks;
the shadows of trees traced on trees.

I sit, still.
The canyon river chants,
moving mountains.

The sermon spun on the still point:
dropping off eternity, picking up time;
letting go of self, awakened to Mind.

—Above the Fog ~ Short Poems by Michael P. Garofalo
Selections from Cuttings

—more tomorrow

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