ACK ~ Sometime In The Evening Thoughts

I’m sorry ~ I know I said that I’d be back with more of the Shakespeare Experiment on Sunday . . . let’s just say it will be tomorrow before I have a chance to sit and write …

In the meantime …. how about some humor (humour) to pass the time???

Do you think this might catch on??

And this should keep people busy for a bit ….(I am not responsible for broken keyboards …. I’m just saying … )

Without comment ….

1 thought on “ACK ~ Sometime In The Evening Thoughts

  1. LOL I couldn't watch the video's though The kids used up all the broadband. Haven't time to load itbecause I have to prepare for my course. I going to teach (for the first time) 12 adults tomorrow Wish me luck I always wanted to be a teacher but live turned out differently, so I am excited

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