An Elegant Time Waster ~

It’s Friday…and the Friday before a holiday no less; and you’ve got to be at work. You have to appear to be at work anyway. The folks at eyemaze have come to your rescue. They make some of the most elegant, frustrating and at the same time enjoyable short games I’ve seen. None of them take long to play – but can take a LONG time to “master.”

Since they offer NO explaination for their games, I’m going to offer a little help…. When you click on the link at the bottom of this post, you will be presented wth this:

The objective of the game, in it’s devilish simplicity, is to drag each of the ten items to the cube in such a way that they “max” out and complete the puzzle. Yes, there is an order to them. Yes, there is a surprise at the end if you max out all ten items. Yes, it is possible to complete. No, I will not post the solution. I have been known, however, to supply the solution via e-mail – .

As you face the holiday weekend, enjoy this moment … and prepare for the moments to come!!!

There is a tip system on the game, which would allow you to send the desgner a dollar or two if you enjoyed the game ….