Come Let Us Reason Together ~ Early Evening Thoughts ….

Often, for me anyway, I get somewhat random thoughts as very random times.  Unfortunately, it’s often when I either can’t pursue the thought (just drifting off to sleep) or where writing the idea down is either impossible or unfeasible (inside a very noisy club or … well … you get the idea!)

One of the reasons I enjoy the TED talks and TEDEducation videos, is so often they manage to hit one something I’ve had a stray thought about and never thought about again.

I also have decided that if my teachers had presented concepts this way, my grades would certainly have been better.  I can only hope, that when I was teaching in India ~ some of my students felt I had reached out this way ….

This video tackles invisibility … what, where, when and quite a bit of why … bear with the beginning – it will pay off shortly after the video starts.

Frantic Monday Morning

And then the alarm –
I knew something was going off
and it hurt.
The dream had been so special,
so sweet,

but now I don’t remember
what it was.

Now, I have to remember –
papers –
and what I had said
that I was going to
this day.
This day, the first day
of the week.
Where is this week heading?
Forget that!
Where is this day heading?
What about this moment?
I long to climb back
onto the lap of the
of yesterday.
The hope
of yesterday.
All this longing,
needing solitude
wanting peace.
And now I
remember ~
I’m almost
out of gas in
the car.