a day remembered ..

Today is a day that was remarked upon as “a day that shall live in infamy.” On this day veterans remember their lost comrades, and try to pass on to a younger generation what happened and why. It is important that we hear what is being said. Remember that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. And we need no more repeats.
The was the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Perhaps December 7th should be more about the many young men who lost their lives so horribly. So many young men died deaths that were hell incarnate.

General Robert E. Lee said it is good war is so horrible, lest we grow too fond of it.

To the those who survived Pearl Harbor, we know and hear your pain. The pain of losing your comrades. The pain of having lost your innocence.

Let us then mark December 7th as a day when we should be seeking new avenues of resolving differences. Look at the pain and say only: There has to be a better way to resolve our problems. If we don’t, then we know what lies ahead for our children and our future generations.

Here is a link that will allow you to send a personalized postcard to the troops overseas. This is sponsored by XEROX and over 5 million cards of these cards have been delivered.