And So It Begins ~ Moving Thoughts

It is official – today I am starting to move. I will be living in the complex I am managing, and that will be a wonderful blessing of no travel time (from the living room to the office is 4 steps)…and being able to handle and observe more of what’s going on around.

Unfortunately, I will be unavailable today (07.07.07) until late Sunday (07.08.07). And the move also means I will have more time to blog and spill the beans share the stories of what is going on in my life and the lives of those around me!!

The Fault – Dear Brutus – Lies Not In The Stars ~ Late Evening Thoughts

I would love nothing better than to blame everything on Time Warner’s (completed today) take over by Comcast.

Unfortunately, the fact that my cold has moved into my chest causing some problems, is certainly not their fault.

The fact that my internet connection is acting strangely just might be.

Whatever is going on ~ there will be no post tonight. Tomorrow, I ~ hopefully ~ will be back in full health with a full internet connection. . . and no Nyquil in my system.

Pant, Pant, Puff, Puff ~ Late Night Thoughts

A quick update ~ and I apologize for not posting Friday as I said I would. This was an absolutely wild, crazy, frustrating, amazing week. Monday was just the tip of the iceberg about the job that I had taken. When I finally got through some of the paperwork, I found that the corporate office (deliberately lower case), my boss and myself were operating on completely different figures. I had one set, my boss another and accounting a third. Unfortunately, the office was in the midst of updating how the accounts are done and posted.

We know how much fun changing anything can be, this involved approximately 15 properties of various sizes, shapes and states of being. And this was…fun was maybe one of the words I might have used this week.

I also have (finally) seen the apartment that goes with the job, and am seriously considering moving into it.
Not that it would add any more confusion to what’s already going on ~ right??

I put in quite a few hours this week (as in over 56) – and I think I ran myself slightly down in the process. Today I have felt a cold trying to take over (sooo not going to happen!!). So, as my dear friend SGB said to tell everyone: I’m not doing a lengthy post tonight ~ I’m going to bed with a hot number (and that’s my temperature!) (What were YOU thinking?) and a dose of “Theraflu.” ….

I should be back on track tomorrow ~


Imagine that
the job were
so delicate
that you could
it. Impossible
work, really.

Like placing
pebbles exactly
where they were
already. The steadiness it
takes… and
to what end?
It’s so easy
to forget again.

Kay Ryan

–crazy doesn’t cover it magnet
–Job Poem by Kay Ryan
Published in the New Yorker Magazine dated January 31st 2000

And When Lighting Strikes ~ Late Night Thoughts

This has been an interesting three days. Saturday, I decided to drop by a favorite “watering-hole” for a VERY gentle libation…I was having coffee, believe it or not. While talking to a dear friend who is the bartender, I noticed a friend I hadn’t seen for several months. We starting talking and when we got to the “And what are YOU doing?” part ~ he told me that he had starting managing an apartment complex.

We discussed that for several minutes, and then he let the thunder roll. “We’re looking for another manager, do you know someone who might be interested?” Avoiding the temptation to jump up and down and squeal, I casually mentioned that I might be interested. (me being someone, by the way, that’s been out of work for a “bit”)

“That’s great,” was the reply, “the boss is right over there, let’s talk to him.” Talk about being struck to almost silence. So, off we went to chat with the boss. He turned out to be quite the business man, and VERY business oriented. We talked for awhile and I found out more about the job. I said that I was very interested. He wanted to meet on Monday to talk further. I gave my friend my new phone number and thought that was the end of that. I’ve had these kind of job suggestions on bars before – and they come through about as often as “let me have your number and I’ll call you next week.”

Sunday evening, I got a phone call to confirm that I was indeed going to meet with them on Monday and to finalize the time and place. At this point I was speechless ~ but wait ~ there’s more. (including the lighting strike!)

When I went down today (Monday) I did know they were getting rid of the current manager of one of the complexes … what I did not know…….

When we arrived at the complex, my friend and I were outside looking at some work that needed (definitely) to be done. The “big boss” went inside, fired (terminated) the current manager – who knew it was coming – and after he’d cleaned out his desk – came out, called me in and informed me that I was now the manager. THAT’S when the lighting struck. You see, I’ve been looking for work ~ but when you reach a certain … ahem … age, finding a job is not that easy. Ageism is quite alive and well – although no one really talks about it ~ and it would NEVER be the reason they give for not hiring someone. However, I have very firm spiritual beliefs – and I knew that at the right moment, at the right time – I would find something. Little did I know it would be within 72 hours.

Before you “fuss,” that kind of change-over is VERY common in the apartment industry ~ I’ve had it happen to myself as well…although not quite that quickly. Unfortunately, when it happens that way, there is no kind of hand-over of information. In this case, I’m not sure he would have been able to hand over much information anyway. And as I began to undo the piles of “stuff” – the former manager had brought many of the problems on himself.

The apartment complex while somewhat small (60 units) is none-the-less, going to be a real challenge over the next several days.
I have uncovered and unearthed that payments were incorrectly posted, not posted or even worse – leases not completed. Not a good sign. The stacks of papers that made little or no sense, were another less than promising sign. When I tried to rent an apartment that was listed as being vacant – but was actually quite occupied, was probably the final straw. (Oh, yes and I had to turn on all my charm when the tenant of the apartment got home from work and one of her neighbors casually mentioned someone was looking at her place to rent … let’s just say she arrived in my office in “high shriek” …but let chuckling at the end.)

Having been through a “clean out your desk” situation myself, I have always tried to be supportive of people who have gone before. Not after that incident. I had my excuse for any problems I couldn’t immediately solve. “I’m still trying to solve what the previous manager did … I’ll get back to you.”

The issues at the complex are going to really occupy my time for the next few days. For example, I’m going into the office tomorrow morning at 5:30am to see if I can sort out the postings on the computer program and compare them to the hard copies.

I know for a fact, that I will not post here until Friday – so be patient with me. I will be back. And some good thoughts would be most appreciated. And trust me, I will have a wealth of stories to tell you when I get back on Friday!!! And probably from then on as well!!!

–Egyptian libation bowl
–the Gordian Knot by J. Tonkin

Early Morning Thoughts ~

I had just finished up the Stella Awards (previous post) and had started in on “The Little Engine That Could(n’t) for tonight – when there was an incident in the apartment complex where I am currently living. I’m not sure how serious it is as this point, but to let you know – it was scary (and yes, I was), and the police are here in the complex…talking to everyone who’s awake anyway.

So, with all that – I’ll make it up tomorrow night, when the dust has settled. (and I’ll try let you know what happened later…or tomorrow)

****2:06 AM ****
All has settled – what happened was not directed at or in the complex evidently. There was nothing serious as a result – no one injured, etc. To have what sounds like gunshots close by – well, that’s a little unsettling.

In the meantime ~ here’s an image of the sun from a brand new satellite which will be spending quite a bit of time studying our sun.