An Elegant Time-waster ~

BISA (before I started again) I had a feature on Wednesdays called elegant time-waster.  As I am known for spending “some” time on the Web, I have often found these off-beat games, musical instruments, etc. that actually CAN waste time – elegantly.  (There, I’ve used those words enough today (cross that off the bucket list!)  This is a musical matrix that when you land there looks like this:

game in play

You click on a/some square(s) and the note(s) play(s).  Alas, there is NO stop button, so you have to refresh the browser to get you creation to stop playing over and over and over … LOL

Enjoy –

A Not So Elegant Timewaster ~ Mid-Morning Thoughts

Are you really frustrated? Is someone in your office driving you nuts? Are the kids driving you absolutely wild? This should take care of all that!! My youngest grandaughter introduced me to this “game” and I have to say … it’s very funny.

If you are at work, you might want to turn your speakers down a little for this one ~ people might wonder exactly what you are doing ….

Enjoy and feel better …. OK, just enjoy!!!

Double Wire ~ An Elegant Timewaster

For a lazy Sunday – Here is a wonderful game based on physics:

To quote the designer of the game:

“Swinging titles are a common theme in physics games, for whatever reason. Personally, I think the attraction is two-fold. One: Actually swinging around on stuff—in real life—is a lot of fun. But, it’s damn hard. While your imagination may have you gliding from object to object with the greatest of ease, in practice it’s slow, clunky, and rather inelegant (plus, it requires a fair bit of strength, and sitting around on computers all day isn’t exactly building up that requirement). Two: There’s a primal attraction to the activity. I was watching an episode of the excellent Planet Earth with some great chimpanzee and monkey footage. I really did have the urge to spend the rest of the day in the jungle canopy, swinging carelessly from one branch to the next.(emphasis mine)

Enjoy swinging from one branch to the next. I’ll be interested in just how far you make it ….

The Three Cups ~ An Elegant Timewaster

Thanks to the folks at Durnmoose I have spent a lot of time with this game.

The object is quite simple – turning two cups at at time, get all three cups upright.

Oh, and they are so helpful, they even show you how to do it before you start to play.

I am not responsible for frustration, throwing things at the monitor, broken keyboards from having heads banged on them in irritation.

You were warned!!!

Time Wasters ~ Elegant or Not

I don’t usually post clips here, but this one really caught my attention. It may have something to do with my birthday celebration yesterday (OK, OK — I’ll stop mentioning it!), but I have now vowed to never again complain about backache, headache or sore shoulders! By the way, as you watch this clip – remember that toe shoes have a steel plate in them!! Just so you know!!!

And now it’s possible for you to release your inner Jason Pollack – instead of doodling on that important piece of paper you’re supposed to be reading – you can doddle in a bright color right on your screen….

Just move the cursor around and/or pause it. To clear the screen for a new creation, all you have to do is click the mouse. — 0h yes, your screen will remain blank UNTIL you move the mouse.

And who knows – maybe there’s going to be a famous painting from your doodles!!!!

Another Elegant Time Waster ~

If I hear another person say: “connecting the dots…..”

That doesn’t take away from the elegant simplicity of this game. Really all you need to do is complete the board with dots. What could be simpler? What could turn out to be more frustrating? And it’s still a lot of fun!

Actually, “connecting the dots” IS marginally better than the phrase “at the end of the day,” which, thankfully, seems to have faded into the night!

An Elegant Time Waster ~

It’s Friday…and the Friday before a holiday no less; and you’ve got to be at work. You have to appear to be at work anyway. The folks at eyemaze have come to your rescue. They make some of the most elegant, frustrating and at the same time enjoyable short games I’ve seen. None of them take long to play – but can take a LONG time to “master.”

Since they offer NO explaination for their games, I’m going to offer a little help…. When you click on the link at the bottom of this post, you will be presented wth this:

The objective of the game, in it’s devilish simplicity, is to drag each of the ten items to the cube in such a way that they “max” out and complete the puzzle. Yes, there is an order to them. Yes, there is a surprise at the end if you max out all ten items. Yes, it is possible to complete. No, I will not post the solution. I have been known, however, to supply the solution via e-mail – .

As you face the holiday weekend, enjoy this moment … and prepare for the moments to come!!!

There is a tip system on the game, which would allow you to send the desgner a dollar or two if you enjoyed the game ….