Sunday Morning Paper — News, Reviews, thoughts

–This is an article about George W. S. Trow who in a sense/way predicted Paris Hilton and her kind of celebrity. A thought provoking read.
–The critical buzz on Apocalypto and Blood Diamond. Results seem to indicate that Apocalypto is going to be a big money maker.
-Reviewers look at Christmas TV.
–Jeane Kirkpatrick, a realist remembered.
–A New Jersey Assembly man takes himself out of the closet.
–New comparisons of photographs taken in the past decade indicate that very recently water has flowed in liquid form on Mars, indicating the exciting possibility for life on that planet. The comparisons also showed evidence of many new craters indicating frequently hits by asteroids and meteors, which could present a hazard on future Mars missions.

–Here is the sequel to the very popular production about the “first dogs” and Christmas at the White House. (Go to the link, move a little down the page. On the right hand side is Barney’s Holiday Extravaganza. You can choose what format you want to play it.) Hopefully, everyone participating were rewarded for their work!!

–The committee that studied the Mark Foley scandal (remember his 15 minutes of shame/fame) has decided that no rules were broken by anyone involved. My reaction — if no rules were broken, then perhaps the rules might need to be changed.
–In David Mamet’s adaptation of Harley Granville Barker’s play “The Voysey Inheritance,” both men share a mutual fascination with greed, guilt and financial corruption.
–With ticket prices as high as $250 taking children to the theater is and can be a major risk.
–The American secret service was bugging Princess Diana’s telephone conversations without the approval of the British security services on the night she died
–For the second time in eight days, a judge ordered the Bush administration to immediately resume making housing payments to thousands of families whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
–Cal Thomas starts his article: “By its own admission, the Iraq Study Group (ISG) has submitted a “flawed” report to the president, to Congress and to the American people.”
–The city of Padua has become the first in Italy to allow gay couples and straight couples to have their partnerships legally recognized, prompting swift criticism from the Vatican’s official newspaper and fierce debate is expected nationally and in Parliament.