Potporroui ~ Early Evening Thoughts

Tomorrow I promise to tell several of the “complex stories,” including the almost indestructible lock story. But for tonight ~ a couple of items:

First of all ~ One of the bright lights of the performing world is (at last report) gravely ill with cancer. Beverly Sills (AKA Bubbles – her childhood nickname), conquered the opera world opera house by opera house. It’s ironic that she didn’t perform at the Metropolitan Opera House until shortly before her retirement. She was an amazing performer, but more important she was a wonderful person as well. When she retired from singing she became a force for all the performing arts. She was heavily involved with the New York City Opera and the Met, but she also championed all the arts.

One story concerns her debut performance at one of the most legendary opera houses in the world ~ La Scala. The performance venue was known for “diva” behavior by its stars and those who performed. As a matter of fact it was expected. There is probably no person less like a diva than Ms. Sills.

As the story goes – there was a problem with one of her costumes ~ as in ugly, didn’t fit, etc. She made several attempts to work with the costumer to no avail. At this point, evidently, a hush fell over the rehearsal as people watched to see what she would do – and establish herself as a true diva.

In typical Beverly Sills fashion, she took the costumer’s scissors and proceeded ~ without a word ~ to cut the dress into shreds. She then handed the scissors back to the costumer and hung up the costume on the rack. Still without a word, she restarted rehearsal. Legend has it that there was applause from cast and crew – and she cemented her place as a La Scala Diva.

My thoughts and prayers are with her … and here is a performance from 1976 – singing Una Voce Poco Fa!!

Oh, and there was nothing “stuffy” about her either ~ here she performs with Danny Kaye and managed to completely “break him up” at one point:

She also performed with Carol Burnett as well as the Muppets. I couldn’t find a clip of her duet with Carol Burnett, but I did find this Muppet show clip (it’s not in English ~ so the speaking (not singing)is dubbed.


I really should save this for an afternoon — but it’s just too funny to pass up. This really is a Late Evening Time Waster and I’m not responsible for lost sleep as you continue to —>press the button<—- ~over and over and over …. (thanks to the thinking blog)

And with that – the almost last doses of medicine have “wiped me out” …

—More tomorrow

Boomshine ~ An Elegant Timewaster

It’s been awhile since I posted one of these…and this one really is elegant and a massive timewaster good way to build your computer skills.

The premise is deceptively simple … click the ringed dot to allow it to engulf the required number of dots to make level 12.

This is screen one:

And please remember the words deceptively simple ….

To start the game —->CLICK HERE<—–
It may take a few moments to load the game – it is a flash game.

Note: I did make it through level 12 – but I’m not going to admit how many tries it took …

An Elegant Timewaster ~

Thanks to the folks at durnMoose blog I have been wasting a lot of time perfecting my computer skills with this delightful game.

I have to admit I thought getting the “treasure” would be quite a bit easier than it has turned out to be.

The object is to make squares of matching symbols — the larger the squares the better.

So — Enjoy the game!!! Click —>here<— to play . . .

The Three Cups ~ An Elegant Timewaster

Thanks to the folks at Durnmoose I have spent a lot of time with this game.

The object is quite simple – turning two cups at at time, get all three cups upright.

Oh, and they are so helpful, they even show you how to do it before you start to play.

I am not responsible for frustration, throwing things at the monitor, broken keyboards from having heads banged on them in irritation.

You were warned!!!

Another Elegant Timewaster ~

Here is another wonderful timewaster workday distraction called Catch-Thirtythree. It doesn’t take long to learn, but to get your score where it should be? That’s another issue!!

The objective is quite simple. Roll your cursor over the numbers (no clicking involved) IN ORDER from 1 to 33. Should be easy enough,right? Let me know your times.


thanks to Zon for showing me this game!