SOMWPP (Part 2) ~ Late Night Thoughts

As I mentioned last night, a new member has joined the household. As tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, I am going to do a short post tonight, and make up for that tomorrow. And I PROMISE that the following not become a regular ~ “let me tell you about my dog…” posting. There is a lot going on in my life that I want to share ~ he just happens to be immediate (and somewhat demanding of attention! ~ not taking after me, of course!).

I would like you to meet “Bonzai” . . . the spelling is deliberate. He is 12 weeks old and about three pounds. His full weight will probably be a whopping four pounds (possibly dripping wet). When I went to meet him, we almost didn’t even go in – I’ll save that for a later post. When I went inside and finally met him, I realized that he had never been out of the “pen” (inside thank heavens) he shared with other dogs, never been on the floor, never been outside and never had a collar on. Oh yes, he was also covered with fleas, flea dirt and matted hair. The most interesting thing about him ~ he is litter box trained. If I get a cat that should be interesting!!

When we went to one of the pet superstores to pick up a “few” items he was going to need, I handed him over to get groomed. He did very well – but I can only imagine the confusion going on in his mind.

He was very good — and was on the inside of my “hoody” with the zipper about 1/2 way down. His head would appear over the top when interested, and disappear when it was all too much.

Having him is much the same as watching a child (I’m thinking of my granddaughter who is holding him in the picture) discover the world around them. He’s discovered that cement is very cold, somethings just don’t taste good at all and that it’s a big very LARGE world out there.

But then if you’ve been reading my posts about looking back to look forward … so have I.