ACK ~ Sometime In The Evening Thoughts

I’m sorry ~ I know I said that I’d be back with more of the Shakespeare Experiment on Sunday . . . let’s just say it will be tomorrow before I have a chance to sit and write …

In the meantime …. how about some humor (humour) to pass the time???

Do you think this might catch on??

And this should keep people busy for a bit ….(I am not responsible for broken keyboards …. I’m just saying … )

Without comment ….


It’s the time for serious thought, heavy reflection and … who am I kidding?

It’s time for a few good laughs …

Suppose Twitter had been available 233 years ago??? (click on picture to enlarge)

(that was from

And let’s not forget the e-cards just waiting to be sent (to everyone we know!)

And when all else fails …. Cue the Muppets!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And She Runs For President ~ Thank You John McCain

by now, this has probably been passed in everyone’s e-mails or had a gazillion views on YouTube. After I recovered from laughing incredibly hard the first time I saw it – after I watched it three more times to make sure it REALLY was her . . . I had to give in and do one of my infrequent video posts. Just don’t drink liquids while watching -unless your keyboard and monitor are protected!!!