Time Wasters ~ Elegant or Not

I don’t usually post clips here, but this one really caught my attention. It may have something to do with my birthday celebration yesterday (OK, OK — I’ll stop mentioning it!), but I have now vowed to never again complain about backache, headache or sore shoulders! By the way, as you watch this clip – remember that toe shoes have a steel plate in them!! Just so you know!!!

And now it’s possible for you to release your inner Jason Pollack – instead of doodling on that important piece of paper you’re supposed to be reading – you can doddle in a bright color right on your screen….

Just move the cursor around and/or pause it. To clear the screen for a new creation, all you have to do is click the mouse. — 0h yes, your screen will remain blank UNTIL you move the mouse.

And who knows – maybe there’s going to be a famous painting from your doodles!!!!