Short Elegant Time Wasters ~ Early Evening Thoughts….

Normally I put games here that I’ve found … and I’ve got a couple of those to share later.  These two videos managed to turn into time wasters as I actually played these twice (that I’ll admit to, anyway ….)

This one is sort of a “Forest After Dark” feed.  Instead of the BB nonsense we get some woodland folk being all natural.  During the convention of bears around the tree, No one and I repeat, no one will look down on you for singing – The Bear Necessities – Glenn Naylor is a Park Ranger and photography enthusiast who lives and works in Alberta, CA. As a founding member of Bow Valley Wildsmart, you can probably guess that he loves nature.

The next video interested me on a number of levels …””Here now are 167 musicians playing the absolute hell out of 167 matryomins, to the tune of a boogie-tastic Beethoven’s 9th. Be apprised: “matryomin” is a portmanteau of matryoshka (as in nested matryoskka doll) and theremin. It’s… basically exactly what it sounds like.

The theremin has been the go-to instrument of horror/suspense movies for ages.  It just somewhat amazing to me that it would work as well as it does with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 AND it’s rock cousin ….